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Custom Damper Tuning

Shockworks Shocks Tuning.jpg

Shockworks offer a complete custom tuning service for your car. All cars are different and damping forces that suit the road based car might need some changes for the track based customer or with a different brake package. We have many years of experience, tuning a wide range of vehicles to suit our customer's needs. We also offer track testing support to race and drift teams working closely with the drivers and team engineers to help develop the car to its best.
​Brett O'Brien from Shockworks has many years of track testing and Proving Ground experience. He can perform on track testing in your car when the driver is not able to understand or pinpoint what may be a problem with spring balance or damper tuning. We also have experience with heavy armoured vehicles and cars for special situations, like TV commercials when the car needs to handle better in a particular scene. We offer a friendly and confidential support to teams wanting to keep ahead of the field.




Rebuild of Damper


Custom Valving
(If no servicing required)


Rebuild of Strut

Spring Changeover 
(If original Springs in good condition)


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