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Track Support



Shockworks offers track side support, whether this is damping force changes, balance changes via swaybar and spring through to offering advice on alignment setup or driving style.

With our ride van we are able to offer multiple damper changes on a single day, while not needing to charge what other engineers do for similar services.  

Pending timing this can be done all over Australia, though predominantly in our home state of Victoria.

Usually once you purchase your suspension you are stuck with what you are given, but most know that something as simple as increasing tyre diameter can have a drastic effect on weight shift and balance overall, so we offer services to make sure your dampers are set up specifically for you.

Being enthusiasts we are happy to offer our specialised services at the track as we enjoy seeing our customers achieve more grip, balance and shave seconds off lap times.
Given the time investment booking well ahead of time is a must.

For Trackside support from one of the members of our team we charge $100 per hour*.
(Unless other arrangements have been made)

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